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Diabetic Shoes Program

Here is what you need from your physician(s):

1. Doctors Prescription

    Physician’s prescription for diabetic shoes and/or inserts delivered by patient, fax, or mail.
    Click here for Prescription.

2. Patient’s Office Visit Notes

   Have your physician who treats you for your diabetes, fax or mail us a copy of an office visit note that shows
   your physician has managed your diabetes within the last 5 months. 

3. Patient’s Supporting Documentation

  Fax or mail us an office visit note within the last 5 months from either the physician that treats you for your diabetes or from another physician (such as a podiatrist, NP, PA, etc) that describes one or more of the qualifying  conditions listed below: 

4. Medical Necessity Form
After we receive the documentation above, we will contact your physician for the Medical Necessity Form.
When we receive the completed Medical Necessity Form, we will contact you for an appointment.

Phone number: 636-946-1652              Fax number: 636-940-7463.

Medicare Coverage of Shoes and Inserts:

       Coverage is limited to one of the following per calendar year:

Medicare will pay 80% of the allowed amount after your deductible has been met. The remaining 20% will depend upon your secondary insurance plan. Check with your secondary insurer for the amount they will cover.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, contact your insurer for your amount of responsibility.

Pay by other